Nov. 3, 2019

Dr. Carla Marie Manly - Aging Joyfully: A Guide for Women (and Men) o…

Learn how to embrace the aging process as Psychologist and Author, Dr. Carla Marie Manly, shares her wisdom from her latest book,…

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Oct. 27, 2019

Susan Bratton - Sexual Vitality as a BioMarker of Health

Susan Bratton, the "trusted hot sex advisor to millions," shares how sexual vitality is a key component to keeping a healthy life…

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Oct. 13, 2019

Dr. Michelle Perro - What's Making Our Children Sick?

Dr. Michelle Perro discusses her coauthored book "What's Making Our Children Sick?" and learn how industrial food is causing an e…

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Oct. 8, 2019

HAPPY HOUR - Sleeping Problems? What's Keeping You Up at Night?

Sleep disorders are increasing in modern society. According to the American Sleep Association, 50-70 million adults in the United…

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Oct. 6, 2019

Susan Bratton - Sexual Vitality as a BioMarker of Health

Susan Bratton, the "trusted hot sex advisor to millions," shares how sexual vitality is a key component to keeping a healthy life…

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Sept. 22, 2019

Brian C. Wilson - Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and the Religion of Biologi…

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was more than just the eccentric creator of corn flakes - Discover the major role Dr. Kellogg played in t…

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Sept. 15, 2019

Pam Oslie - Dancing in the Quantum Field

Pam Oslie, Aura Expert and Professional Psychic Intuitive, shares how you can create love, joy and fulfillment in EVERY area of y…

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Sept. 8, 2019

Victoria Barrios - Nutritional Solutions Fit for Your Unique Lifestyle

Sports Nutritionist and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Victoria Barrios, shares common food changes that will perform miracles o…

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Aug. 27, 2019

To Be Rescheduled - HAPPY HOUR - Do Statins Guarantee Muscle Wasting?

Discover what Vocal Profiling has revealed about Statins and Muscle Wasting with the Pioneer of Human BioAcoustics - Sharry Edwar…

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Aug. 25, 2019

Bill Protzmann - The Power of Music as Self-Care

Bill Protzmann shares how music can be the ultimate self-care tool you can use in everyday situations!

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Aug. 18, 2019

Teo Alfero - The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach Us About Bein…

Transformative lessons from one of humanity's oldest teachers - the wolf - with author Teo Alfero !

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Aug. 11, 2019

Sound Health Radio with Elise Collins & Her Book: Super Ager

Elise Collins & Her Book: Super Ager: You Can Look Younger and Have More Energy - Live a Long Healthy Life

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Aug. 4, 2019

Paul Gaylon - Mushrooms as a Wellness Ally

Paul Gaylon, President & Founder of Herbal Products & Development, shares his dynamic research on Medicinal Mushrooms!

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July 30, 2019

Direction 4 Truth - Who is Leading the CHARGE?

Is the "Hit" Squad trying to take over America? What are their motives? Let's use the proven reliable concepts of BioAcoustic Voi…

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July 28, 2019

Kerri Rivera - Does Glyphosate Poison The Brain? An Antidote May Be A…

Kerri Rivera reveals how Chlorine Dioxide may be the health solution we've all been waiting for!

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July 21, 2019

Dr. Stephanie Seneff - The Harmful Poisons Being Pushed On The Public

Dr. Stephanie Seneff Reveals The Issues Behind Statin Drugs, Glyphosates, and Man-Made Pollutants

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July 16, 2019

HAPPY HOUR - Vaccination Vulnerability: Are You At Risk?

Join Sharry Edwards, the Pioneer of Human BioAcoustics, as she demonstrates how to use her unique software, PreVac™ to identify p…

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July 14, 2019

John David Mann - The Guide to Mastering Your Fears

John David Mann, coauthor of "Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL's Guide," discusses how this five-step guide can transform your life by…

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