Aug. 21, 2022

Vitamin D & Breast Cancer Reduce Risk, Improve Outcomes

Vitamin D & Breast Cancer Reduce Risk, Improve Outcomes

Carole Baggerly Director, GrassrootsHealth speaks on Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention Research

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Carole Baggerly is Founding Director of GrassrootsHealth, a 501c3 non-profit public health promotion organization, with the direction of ‘Moving Research into Practice’. She is the leader of the D*action project, an international project co-designed by Dr. Cedric F. Garland of UCSD’s School of Medicine and member of Moores Cancer Center. This organization’s mission is to move research into practice-NOW—to help move the population into an orientation of health and prevention vs fixing an illness. GrassrootsHealth has introduced new methodologies of Field Trials, with testing and education to get valid ‘real-world’ information about how nutrients actually perform, and, how to move beyond the limitations of randomized controlled trials. The organization is guided by a panel of 48 of the world’s leading researchers in vitamin D and now, other nutrient researchers. The key implementation innovation in this project is the use of the ‘Field Trial’, a formalized methodology, approved by an institution review board, used by participating individuals. The group has initiated the ‘Nutrient Research Institute’ to enable testing and analysis of many nutrients together—to see how they work with each other, which they do.

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