May 22, 2022

Ed Harrold - Community = Immunity Support

Ed Harrold - Community = Immunity Support

Educator & Author Ed Harrold joins us to share how breathing rates and patterns can influence your biochemistry, biomechanics, physiology and psychology.

Ed Harrold is an author, inspirational leader, public speaker, coach and educator. Ed’s mastery in the science of mindful breathing has guided him to apply conscious breathing practices in corporate health & performance coaching, fitness & athletic training, healthcare continuing education courses, stress reduction and overall health and well-being.  He is the author of Life With Breath IQ + EQ = NEW YOU and BodyMindBusiness: The Business Of BE’ing Within. Ed blends the fields of neuroscience and the wisdom of contemplative traditions into effective strategies to improve health, well-being and performance.  His fluency in mindfulness-based strategies combined with the belief in the human potential gives him the depth and understanding to meet individuals and group needs across industries and platforms. He is here to share more about emotional intelligence and neuroplasticity, stressed decision making, breath as an immune builder, and much more!

Ed is a contributing health & wellness editor for Thrive Global, MindBodyGreen & PTOnTheNet, HuffingtonPost and more.  

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Ed Harrold 

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