Aug. 28, 2022

37 Trillion Cells in Your Body, Every Single Cell Requires Minerals To Function

37 Trillion Cells in Your Body, Every Single Cell Requires Minerals To Function

Caroline Alan, CEO Beam Minerals talks about: Every single one of the trillions of cells in your body requires minerals to function.

Caroline Alan is a health survivor and mineral enthusiast. Coming from a career in the corporate world, Caroline found herself struggling physically, mentally and energetically.  During her journey back to health, Caroline encountered plant-based minerals and their incredible ability to support a return to natural balance in the body.  As a result, she has become devoted to educating people about the benefits of mineral replenishment and the specific efficacy of plant-based humic and fulvic substances.  

Caroline's research into why minerals are important in human physiology and how they work in the body, has taken her deep into microbiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, agricultural soil science and the study of plant decomposition. In the process, Caroline has found ways to help others understand the effects of mineral depletion and why plant-based humic and fulvic mineral supplementation support healing and optimal health.   Caroline is the Co-Founder & CEO of BEAM Minerals, which provides liquid humic and fulvic mineral supplements. “These humic and fulvic complexes, they’re like Mother Nature’s answer to mineral supplementation,” Caroline says.

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