April 18, 2017

D4T • WAIT !! DON’T VACCINATE; Until You Are Prepared

D4T • WAIT !!  DON’T VACCINATE; Until You Are Prepared

BioAcoustic PreVaccination Risk Factors Examined LIVE DEMO

BioAcoustic PreVaccination Risk Factors Examined! LIVE DEMO   Over 4 Billion* US Tax-Payer dollars have been paid out in compensation for vaccine damage to children.  Yet we are supposed to believe that immunizations do no harm. Let's recap here, pharmaceutical companies rake-in millions from sales but if those same vaccines hurt, maim or handicap someone, it is the consumer who foots the bill for Government mandated vaccines that have been shown to cause harm. What is needed here, and we have suggested it many times, is a way to pre-screen everyone for potential vaccine damage. Join us as we discuss the need for citizens to band together to reverse the horrific mandates that state that everyone will be required to be vaccinated or face quarantine. We will discuss the BioAcoustics software program, PreVac, designed to use biofrequencies to pre-screen individuals for frequencies thought to be associated with vaccine damage.   Sound Health Options