May 2, 2021

Susan Bratton - Nitric Oxide Could Hold the Key to 'Age-Proofing' Your Body

Susan Bratton - Nitric Oxide Could Hold the Key to 'Age-Proofing' Your Body

Intimacy Wellness Expert, CEO and co-founder of Personal Life Media, Susan Bratton, joins us to discuss nitric oxide, vitality, circulation, improving insulin s

Susan Bratton, "Intimacy Expert to Millions💋" is a champion and advocate for all those who desire intimacy and passion, their whole- life long.

Susan’s straight-talking, fearless approach is rooted in her personal experience of watching her sex life wither, while she and her husband pursued dynamic careers. When their relationship hit a crisis point, the couple made a fierce commitment to do whatever it took to keep their family together and revive the passion in their marriage. Today, she and her husband have the kind of dream relationship, Most people long-since stopped believing is even possible, until They discover, Susan’s teachings. 

She is co-founder and CEO of two corporations: Personal Life Media, Inc., a publisher of heart-connected lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills and The20, LLC., a manufacturer of organic and botanical supplements that enhance sexual vitality.

A best-selling author and publisher of 34 books and programs including Sexual Soulmates, Relationship Magic, Revive Her Drive, Ravish Him, The Passion Patch, Hormone Balancing, and Hot To Trot.

She joins us today to discuss: Nitric Oxide: Energy, Vitality and a Lust for Life

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