Dec. 10, 2017

Math As Medicine Confirmed at Mainstream 25th Annual World Congress

Math As Medicine Confirmed at Mainstream  25th Annual World Congress

Whoever controls health, controls the quality of life...Will it be you?

Dr. John Apsley will be presenting his latest research concerning cancer and BioAcoustics to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s 25th Annual World Congress conference in Las Vegas, Nevada this December 14th through the 16th.  He will discuss how and why our biofield (electromagnetic field) is important to our health. Dr. John Apsley is a multi-degreed medical researcher who has developed a regenerative lifestyle protocol that will allow us to gracefully face the daily assaults on our health. Dr. John Apsley is a physician, author, and researcher who for the past 30 years has specialized in integrative regenerative medicine. His cutting-edge techniques are designed to reverse chronic degenerative disease through accelerated tissue repair and cellular regeneration. Dr. Apsley's research has concluded that the long-living cultures regenerative lifestyle can be replicated by all. But due to the generational environmental decay, the emergence of chronic degenerative diseases and premature aging arises before the age of 90. He believes that by properly instituting a regenerative lifestyle, anyone can return to pristine health and optimal wellness. Dr. Apsley is the Founder and Chairs the Board of Directors of the International College of Regenerative Medicine (ICRM™). The college currently offers enjoyable, in-depth programs in Integrative Regenerative Medicine, featuring our country's finest educators in Tampa, Florida.