March 28, 2021

Martin Lee - The Essential Guide to CBD

Martin Lee - The Essential Guide to CBD

Co-Founder and Director of Project CBD, Martin Lee, joins us to discuss "The Essential Guide to CBD," how CBD works, myths and misconceptions about CBD, and mor

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Award-winning Author and Co-Founder & Director of Project CBD, Martin Lee, joins us on Sound Health Radio to discuss The Essential Guide to CBD - a reliable, easy-to-understand primer, written by the editors of Reader's Digest and the experts at Project CBD. Drawing from peer-reviewed research and medical studies, as well as interviews with neuroscientists and doctors, The Essential Guide to CBD debunks common myths and rebuffs pseudoscience. You’ll learn the basics of what CBD is and how it works, how it can be helpful against more than 30 health conditions, and how to pick the type of product that will work best for your needs. Complete with recipes and first-person accounts from real people who have used it, The Essential Guide to CBD tells you everything you need to know about the all-natural treatment that’s sweeping the nation.

Martin A. Lee is the co-founder and director of Project CBD and the author of several books, including Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana—Medical, Recreational and Scientific, which received the American Botanical Council’s James A. Duke Award for Excellence in Botanical Literature. Named by High Times as one of the 100 most influential people in cannabis, he is the 2016 winner of the Emerald Cup’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Lee is also co-founder of the media watch group FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)

The Essential Guide to CBD

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