March 21, 2021

Jordan Gruber - Reduce Stress and Enhance Your Immune System Using "The Bounce"

Jordan Gruber - Reduce Stress and Enhance Your Immune System Using

Rebound Exercise Coach and Author Jordan Gruber joins us to discuss his coauthored book: "The Bounce." Learn what Bouncing is and how it can reduce stress and e

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Jordan Gruber joins us on Sound Health Radio to discuss his coauthored book: The Bounce: The Complete SuperBound® Guidebook to 21st-Century Rebound Exercise The Bounce is the definitive new guidebook to rebound exercise, written by two devoted practitioners committed to sharing its transformative qualities. Bouncing uniquely challenges and leverages gravity to safely but powerfully work your muscles (especially your core) while simultaneously providing aerobic conditioning and balance enhancement. By stimulating lymph flow, rebounding also enhances the immune system—something we can all benefit from—while reducing stress and enhancing psychological wellness and even spiritual practice. Rebound exercise is fun (especially with music) and is well suited for home. This guidebook provides everything you need to know to successfully start, establish, and enjoy your own rebounding practice and the many benefits it can bring.

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