June 2, 2019

John David Mann - Achieve Financial Freedom Using "The Latte Factor"

John David Mann - Achieve Financial Freedom Using

Discover the three secrets to financial freedom through Mann's latest inspirational book: The Latte Factor

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What if there were a way you could achieve financial freedom and live your dreams, without taking big risks or making drastic change?  From legendary personal finance expert David Bach and master storyteller John David Mann, their newest book, The Latte Factor, tells the story of Zoey Daniels, a twenty-something professional, living and working in New York City. Zoey likes her job and she’s good at it—but no matter how hard she works, she still struggles to make ends meet under a growing burden of student loans and credit card debt. And she can’t help wondering: Is this all there is to life? From Baby Boomers who worry if they’ve saved enough for retirement, to Millennials who are drowning in student loan debt, to young Gen Zers who want to make smarter choices than the generations that have come before, The Latte Factor can help anyone, of any age, achieve financial independence. At once page turning and heartwarming, The Latte Factor is an inspiring story you can read in less than an hour—but its impact can last for a lifetime. Learn more about this inspiring book as we talk with coauthor John David Mann; discover how his personal experiences has lead him to uncovering what he and Bach call the "Three Secrets to Financial Freedom." The Latte Factor John David Mann