March 14, 2017

HH • Do YOU Have Hidden Thyroid Issues

HH •  Do YOU Have Hidden Thyroid Issues

Special Radio Show Software Giveaway

1 in 4 Women Have Thyroid Disease And Are Often Told That They are Crazy, Fat or Lazy, When In Fact They Are Just Sick. We Can Help Reveal Why You Might Be Overweight, Tired, Depressed and Anxious and Why Your Doctor Can't Help You, Even If They Know You Have Thyroid Disease. Live demonstration - BioAcoustic software - Thyroid Essentials Issues with the thyroid are one of the most misdiagnosed  in modern lab tests because many of the symptoms are hidden. * all issues expressed in terms of BioAcoustic Biology We will be giving away Thyroid Essentials Software - Must be present to be included in the drawing Thyroid EssentialsTM      Many health issues find thyroid function at their foundation. Essential to energy production, reproductive issues, immune stability, PMS, metabolism, aging, hormone use and stress tolerance are all related to thyroid function.      Sound Health Options